Huey Nunn

Vice President, Global EHS, Sysco

Mr. Nunn has 20 + years of experience working as a safety professional, serving in various leadership capacities. He has become an expert in problem solutions, process efficiency and occupational health and safety. He has recently taken the role of Vice President of Environmental Health and Safety at Sysco Foods. His duties include but not limited to overseeing health and safety governance, working with other executives to strategize program implementation, reducing claims by reducing risk, managing risk assessments, and developing policies and procedures.He has met the most difficult challenges abroad, where in some instances, safety issues are prevalent. He has managed to take one of the largest projects with the most diverse culture encountered, and led a team that has changed the standard of local workers. This project is now outperforming many domestic companies, and even industries, in achieving the level of what safety professionals refer to as World Class Safety Performance.

In five years, Mr. Nunn intends to experience continued growth in the field. He would like to write a book as well as do more public speaking and consulting in the field. He became involved in his profession because he was introduced to the field when he was serving in the military after sustaining injuries in Iraq. His career has progressed ever since.

Mr. Nunn was in the U.S. Army for eight years, serving as a member of the Quick Reaction Force. He was deployed to the Middle East (Iraq Afghanistan and Kuwait) several times. He appeared in VH-1’s series “Military Diaries” and his military career has been mentioned in several newspaper reports.

He has an MBA in Business focused in project management and a bachelor’s degree in occupational health and safety, both from Columbia Southern University. He has been inducted into Worldwide WHO’s Who and also maintains an affiliation with The American Society of Safety Engineers/Professionals where he served as a Program Chair officer for the gulf coast from 2020 through 2022. He supports various non-profit organizations and is a member of The Masonic Society, Inc. Mr. Nunn was born in Shreveport, La., on December 9, 1977, and currently resides in Houston with his wife and three children age 10, 17 and 20. His hobbies are exercising, composing and producing music, deep ocean diving and studying martial arts.